Our Story

Ali is a fisherman from Lamu. One day when the sea was rough and impossible for fishing, Ali approached an Italian artist staying on his island for work. Daniela had no work but instead requested that Ali find her an old dhow’s sail, or ‘TANGA’ in Swahili. She had always admired them as a piece of art designed by the wind, the sun, the sea, the rain and years spent traveling the ocean.

Ali returned a few days later with an old old tanga.The colour was magnificent; a parchment colour impossible to reproduce. Together they opened it, and there in the middle of the tanga was a big hole created by the strength of the wind on its many journeys. Daniela looked at it ….’this looks just as the hole I have in my heart at the moment, created by the strength and pain of love’. The next day Ali arrived with a tin of red and black paint, and together they painted a big red heart around the hole. Daniela then dipped her brush in black and wrote : LOVE AGAIN FOREVER WHATEVER……

Well this is how and why it all started, with and because of a broken heart… There is always a reason, so follow your star. After the first heart Ali and Daniela painted the second, and then the third and fourth and fifth and sixth……. not sure how many broken hearts they did sell all around the world but after 2 years of broken hearts they began painting flying hearts, and from flying hearts Ali and Daniela started to fly together, welcoming more and more ideas, designs, and fishermen into the family. And so began the beautiful story of Ali Lamu.